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With hospitals at capacity and proper protective equipment at a all time low, one can only begin to imagine what doctor, nurses, and front-line workers needed to experience to properly care for patients. 

Luckily, one of our team member's coach was also a nurse battling Covid-19 on the front-lines. We asked asked her for an interview to understand the working conditions in these dire times and to spread awareness about the difficulties they face. 

Below are some questions we asked:

Q: How is working at a hospital during this pandemic?

A: "Work at the hospital has taken a toll on all of us. When Covid-19 first hit, many patients who needed care didn't come to the hospital because they were afraid of contracting Covid-19. This resulted in a dramatic drop in patient count, and we were hearing stories about patients dying at home from heart attacks or strokes, which was heartbreaking. After the initial flattening of the curve our hospital suffered from the financial burdens of low patient count. Because of this, all hospital staff took turns being furloughed without pay."

Q: What was the environment like working in the hospital?

A: "The environment is surreal, as our hospital has chosen to place all Covid-19 cases in one tower. Working on the Covid-19 unit is exhausting , and slightly terrifying because one improper donning or doffing of PPE can result in us being exposed. There have also been cases where patients were not identified as Covid-19"

Q: What would be a typical day at the Hospital?

A: "When I arrive to work, my temperature is taken at the door and I am asked if I have any of the Covid-19 symptoms. If I do not have a fever, my hospital ID gets tagged that I have been screened for the day and I am cleared to work. I am issued a surgical mask for the day and I can then clock in. Previous hospital protocol is to wear one N-95 mask per patient, but as our reserves have run low, we have been required to wear the same mask all day..."

When the interview ended, we really sympathized with hospital workers and felt their pain. We could not change the amount of patients coming into the hospital. However, we could help with the overall safety of the hospital. We decided to raise money for N95's

After a month of fundraising efforts, our team garnered over $1000 dollars in donations to purchase protective equipment for hospitals. With $450, Heal Up Project was able to obtain 60 NIOSH approved safety mask respirators or N95 masks. On Monday, July 26, we had the opportunity to meet with a health care worker, who works at St. Jude Medical Center, and handed the masks over to be used at the hospital. 

As we donate our masks and post on Instagram, we hope to spread awareness about the importance of helping out local hospitals. These heros are fighting for the safety of all of us. The least we can do to help join the fight and wear our masks. A piece of cloth is all it takes to significantly slow the spread of Covid-19. Please make the right decision. 

Helping Fontline Healthcare workers: What We Do
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