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Homelessness has always been a serious issue, but with the recent political and pandemic-related turmoil, many seemed to have overlooked our less fortunate homeless brothers and sisters that are dealing with this virus head-on, oftentimes lacking proper PPE, sanitation, and access to food and water. In wanting to know more, our team had an email interview with Andrew Linares from Midnight Mission, a homeless help/support shelter in Downtown LA.

In the process, it was also brought to our attention that the term “the homeless” can be dehumanizing. Our homeless community is not some form of “other” or “lesser” people— they are just those who are less fortunate, and simply may not have the means to survive in a city like Los Angeles, where gentrification is becoming a bigger problem every day. We suggest terms like “our homeless community”, “our homeless brothers and sisters,” “our homeless family,” etc.

Our homeless brothers and sisters are in desperate need of public attention and support. Some great homeless shelters to donate supplies or PPE are the Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles Mission, and The Midnight Mission.  As for food pantries, the Inland Valley Hope Partners and The Heart of Downtown Food Co-op provide meals to the homeless on a weekly basis. Through our fundraising efferts, we were able to donate $200 to the Midnight Mission.

In these uncertain time, anything and everything helps in keeping people fed and having a safe place to go to. If you can, please do your part to help a person in need.

Our Homeless Community: What We Do
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