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As seen on the news, many small or family owned businesses have already been suffering at the hands of the stay-at-home orders and lack of business. The recent riots and lootings —while rooted in good sentiment— have also wrongfully targeted many of these small businesses, causing years of dedication and hard work from these business owners to go up in flames. Many of these business owners rely on their stores to provide for their families and should not be suffering at the hands of ill-intentioned protestors taking advantage of the ongoing political climate. Many of these small businesses also do not have the funds to repair their shops due to the lack of business there is in the midst of the pandemic, and several are unfortunately looking bankruptcy in the eyes.

As three high school students all living in the Southern California region, and in the midst of extremely diverse communities, we recognize just how important these small businesses are to the vitality of our communities. We also recognize how hard they’ve been hit, as several of the biggest protests and riots surround us daily. We stand against the injustices that have plagued the African American community, but we strive to help these small businesses that have been affected as they are also greatly important in preserving the love and life in local communities as well.

We called many business affected by the lootings and many saw hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.  Many restaurant like L'Opera had their tables smashed, windows broken, and graffiti sprayed all over the restaurant. These damages according to the owner Mr. Antenilli would be over half a million dollars. 

 In these unprecedented times, any and all contributions are extremely helpful. By supporting one another, we can get through even the most challenging times and persevere.

To find links of the restaurants you can help support, please click on the Heal Up Project links and there are plenty of small business that really need our help.

Helping Small Businesses: What We Do
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